Kitchen Toke Hemp Bee Balm


All the mightiness of a beehive’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial protective shield become even stronger through a method known as Bee Fuse Technology. Our hemp bee balm contains infused beeswax and propolis, beneficial properties left after bees make Kitchen Toke whole-plant hemp honey.


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Kitchen Toke Hemp Bee Balm offers the same intent as the bees that produce beeswax and the coating for our honey: to protect and reverse harm. Germ-fighting beeswax and propolis are amplified by hemp compounds known for reducing pain and anxiety along with a proprietary mix of essential oils and medicinal plants with similar benefits.

USE to relax and unwind by applying to damp skin after a bath or shower. Aim for achy spots and pressure points by your temples, neck and lower back.

USE to reduce inflammation from swollen muscles and joints. Gently massage to affected areas.

USE to reduce discomfort from skin irritation and improve recovery from minor burns and scrapes. Apply gently to affected areas.

INGREDIENTS: MCT oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, Bee Fuse Technology honey beeswax (propolis and full-spectrum hemp), eucalyptus calendula, lavender, arnica, rosemary and vitamin E tocopherol.

Does not contain mint or lidocaine. Keep out of eyes and open wounds.

Download the COA lab results for Kitchen Toke Bee Balm here.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
How do I use the hemp bee balm?

Apply a dime-sized amount to clean skin. Lightly glide over an affected area, but never on an open wound. Massage over sore muscles, pressure points and stiff joints. For best results, apply after a shower or bath.

What is the texture of the hemp bee balm?

Kitchen Toke Hemp Bee Balm is solid but liquefies with the warmth of your fingers. It contains beneficial oils, such as MCT oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil, but the hemp bee balm absorbs quickly into your skin so there’s no greasy feel.

How is your bee balm different from others?

Kitchen Toke Hemp Bee Balm is different in many ways—first and foremost by the way it’s made—by our bees, not humans. They exemplify the definition of "you are what you eat." The wax and propolis bees produce by excreting it from their glands contain the benefits of the patented hemp and nectar that they’ve eaten. The beeswax and propolis naturally contain antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal compounds that protect the hive while the hemp offers anti-inflammatory benefits. All of those benefits are echoed by a proprietary blend of other helpful ingredients, such as MCT oil, coconut oil and medicinal herbs.

Why does your bee balm contain essential oils and medicinal herbs in addition to the beeswax and hemp?

We believe in the “entourage effect,” a theory that supports the definition of the sum is greater than its parts. Every ingredient in our bee balm is known for its benefits, from soothing irritated skin and reducing inflammation to hastening the healing of burns and guarding against infection. They work together for optimal effectiveness.


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